I sat next to you on a plane a couple years ago I think to Appleton, WI. I just found your card - amazing photos. Your are truly blessed to have been able explore this world of ours and to capture the moments brilliantly, emotionally and transports the viewer to see it through your eye.

Love the new look of your site! And your pics are Always awesome!!
Buddy Wilton(non-registered)
Doug Nice conversation Thanks so much for the Pics Buddy
Stellar images of Amsterdam....Like the rest of your art...clean and vibrant...

Thanks for the inspiration from your talented eye...

Just booked tix for August..!
Hi Doug

It was nice met you in Amarillo on Cadillac Farm in flowing rain (2016). Thank you for the perfect pictures. Always amazing pictures you are posting.

Best regards
Sue Nash(non-registered)
it was nice meeting you on the flight back from Amsterdam to JFK yesterday. I loved hearing about all your travels and looking at your beautiful pictures that went along with them. Thanks for sharing the beauty that you have been able to capture. Continued safe travels!
Lisa Cirincione(non-registered)
wow! awesome photos, I'm inspired to do more with mine!
get out of the tv job, and do more of this!!!
Hi Doug -

Nice to meet you in Iceland (at the glaciers). I hope the picture of you holding the iceberg crystal ball turned out okay!

Your pictures are lovely! Enjoy the rest of your Iceland adventures!

Wes Harwood(non-registered)

It was great meeting you in Park City tonight! What a great location to shoot amazing pics. I plan on following your great feed on Instagram, and if you ever need a real estate agent in Utah give me a call bro!!
Awesome pictures Doug, let me know when you start photographing people!
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